Thursday, 10 December 2009

Something new - Buntings!

Yes, you do have to make a couple of new things every now and then. And, sometimes you need a little help from your friends to come up with new things. And sometimes you just need a good old fashion kick in your butt!

I've been thinking of making buntings as these little fabric flags are called, but I needed someone to tell me to start making them. I've made them double sided and they are about 10 cm wide and 20 cm high in different shades of red and white. Lots of polkadots and gingham fabric, since that is one of my favourites.
I made two of these and they are about 150 cm and then about half a meter extra of that fabric string on each side. It will be possible to tie them up in the ceiling or on the wall. I've seen a lot of them who got them over the children's beds, and my kids were asking to get a bunting each when I made them.

I actually made a "sign" for my shop to the Christmas Fair at Gunnebo Slott. Same bunting, but with black string, and added appliqué of the same font as my logo has. I would of course be able to make bunting with names on it too, but that will have to be custom orders!


lillalivetstort said...

Jättefin "skylt" du har gjort :)

Aleisa said...

Jättejättefina, kaja skylt är helt så rätt!

Duracellmamman said...

Det är med en stor Ära som jag tilldelar Dig 2009 års Nobelpris inom ämnet Mammakunskap!

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Varma grattis kramar!

Ps. Så fiiiiiina vimplar, tror bestämt att det är just sånna som jag vill beställa ;-)