Thursday, 3 December 2009

Skirtomania - well I beat my own record!

Well. I beat my own record... I made 8 skirts in one blogpost a while ago, and the week before the Christmas Fair I was making skirts like crazy. And no, I did NOT get enough sleep that week... So here it comes. 10 skirts in one blogpost!!

First one on red denim with a russian nesting doll is already sold. That one is heading to Finland and was sold within minutes from when I listed it. The rest of the skirts are listed in my shop in the skirts section.
Next one from a vintage fabric has That Emil from the Astrid Lindgren books on it. I literally used every little piece of that fabric, but I got a similar one in brown.
And, Mr Sandman. Everything with MrSandman has been really popular in my shop. Lots of men and women that grew up in the 70's are now having kids in the right age and size.
There were more than one of my customers on the Christmas fair that commented on MrSandman that was eating spaghetti. One even had nightmares from the Spaghetti-man. I think that MrSandman was a doll, who had yarn beard, and those strings are not spaghetti, but badly drawn yarn...
Another in in larger size. On the back there's a picture of MrSandman flying an airplane.
A lovely vintage fabric with Christmas angels on. I got just enough fabric to make two skirts. I tried to save the lace trim on the original fabric, but I had to give up, so I added a new cotton lace instead.
I tried to save the lace trim on the original fabric, but I had to give up, so I added a new cotton lace instead. So cute angels!!
And another one, in a larger size.
Hah! I got a small piece of the vintage Pippi Longstocking fabric in lime that is SO wanted. This time I made a skirt from it. It has large print, so it really should either be a small dress or a large skirt, otherwise I will have to cut to much in the print. I just loooove this fabric!
And in the middle of everything I got a custom order for this adorable little skir with dolphins on it. I got a similar one in my shop on red polkadot fabric with navy dolphins, but my customer wanted a little more subtile choice of color. And it is SO cute!
Another Pippi Longstocking skirt. This time in a new fabric that I haven't shown you yet. On grey background and with a red trim. This is definitely a skirt that would work all year around. I like that the prints are slightly larger than the light blue I usually use.
Well. Last skirt. From that light blue that has become SO popular. Now there are little girls in all parts of the world wearing Pippi Longstocking skirts and dresses. One customer told me that her daughter wore the skirt for THREE days in a row, and then she forced her mum to wash it! Talk about happy end-user!!


Doris_Assar said...

Älskar den första med dockan! Har docktycket jag med och har tänkt göra en precis likadan variant med applikation! Great minds think alike! :-) ;-)

Duracellmamman said...

Åhh så fina! Älskar den med ryska dockan! Påminner mig om den fina klänningen jag köpte till Tildis, som hon nu har växt ur. Love it!

Tack för alla underbara kommentarer de senaste dagarna!

Varma kramar!

Hello said...

Vilken härlig kavalkad!!

Gryda said...

Så fine skjørt! Jeg er imponert over produksjonen din. Jon Blund-skjørtene er virkelig lekre, fin plassering av mønsteret.