Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lots of tops - horses, hearts and skateboarders!

Well. This has to be a super-duper-mega-blogpost. But if you are not going to have to read about all my tops forever and ever and ever I will have to do it this way. All tops are listed in the shop, unless they are already sold!

First two similar horse top. One with a prancing horse and one with a running horse. The horses actually has different colors on them, but I don't think it is possible to see that from these pictures. One brown and one kinda olive colored. The lovely horsefabric on blue background is superduper nice! I've combined it with french terry and this makes two lovely tops/sweaters, just warm enough for the winter.

Then three similar tops with solid fronts and heart appliqués. All combined with lovely high quality and supersoft Hilco fabric. First one one olive background with pink and blue hearts.

Second top with pink and the flowery "La Finura" on brown background from Hilco as well.

And the same fabric on the sleeves as the first heart-top, but this time combined with blue body.

And this supercool solid white top with light blue sleeves with skateboarders.


Star of the East said...

Lovely creations!

Hello said...

Åh, så härliga de är!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

These are super cute. Love the applique.

Also love the olive greens in your earlier post. My favorite color!