Friday, 4 December 2009

Friendly order!

I got a request from a friend to make her something special for her daughter. The daughter loves pandas and she had seen this in my shop. So I started cutting. She needed it in a larger size than I usually make, but I figured out that I had just enough fabric to make her a tunic. That is before my serger started messing up the fabric that is. JEEZ! I think I've sewn the hem at least 10 times. After about six times I gave up an cut off the fabric, since it was so many holes and other things in the fabric. I changed needles and it continued to mess up the fabric. Odd thing is that I've hemmed about 10 tops just before this one, so I KNEW that the settings were perfect. Obviously not! After a while it started working and the top turned out as I planned. Only a little shorter...

Well. Anyway. She mentioned that her daughter played the flute and had a very old and ugly case to the flute. She wanted something pretty instead and thought that it shouldn't be that hard to make. If one knew how to sew. And if one had a sewing machine. She had neither, so I decided to make her a little surprise gift. The daughters name begins with an A and she loves purple. The little satin ribbon is from Farbenmix. I do hope that the measurements are alright, otherwise there will be a needles case for a knitter whose name begins with an A. *LOL*


Jenny said...

I confirm: The case is perfect for the flute! :-))
And the top is fantastic!!! It will be two wonderful Christmas Presents.
You are so talented! Thanks a lot!

Hello said...

Vilken tur att det blev bra till slut!

Flöjtfodralet är sååå fint!

Angel.Pearls said...

Underbart fint flöjtfodral..kanske ska jag försöka sy ett till min dotter till julklapp..går det åt skogen får jag väl återkomma och beställa ett snyggt av dig!! Kram//Eva