Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas gift for a coworker

I suppose hanging around a lot of jewellers brushes off eventually. And having a daughter of 3 1/2 years age, and who has a main hobby of beading helps to.

An old math-teacher of mine once came walking sideways up the stairs one Monday morning. Most of us 13-years-old standing in the stair case thought he'd lost it during the weekend. Then he said: "If you do all things the same way as you always do, you will never find out anything new". I am not sure what he thought that he would gain from walking sideways up the stairs, but at least it stuck to my brain.

So. When it was time to do something for a coworker, well I really should call her a friend too, I decided NOT to sew anything, but to make her a necklace. I had an original plan of what to do, but only a few days ago I found a new idea that I wanted to make. So here it is. A little pink beaded necklace with a heartshaped clasp. And an angel made out of a sparkling silver bead, silver thread and a puffed heart lampwork beads.

Put all details together and add a lot of love, and you've made a necklace!!

PS: It helps stealing (hm, make that "borrowing on an indefinite time") a few tools from your hubbys toolbox!

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Hello said...

Åh, så fint! Spännet är verkligen pricken över i!

Jag går till posten imorgon, jag...! :)