Monday, 21 December 2009

After all - it's Christmas!

It is Christmas. And it is the time to be generous! And, since I totally missed out on the European Street Team swap "Secret Santa" (I was in a hospital when you were supposed to sign up) and I still wanted to do something special. I decided to dig out that old beard and a red hat and play secret santa myself!

All members of the European Street Team are such a warm and generous family and everybody has helped me so much, but I can't possibly send gifts to them all. So, when I saw that Apol from Lapomme had hearted one of my dresses I decided to send it to her. She got the most beautiful little girl in the beginning of September, and even though she's got the most beautiful name, Lilou, her parents has called her "notre petit nem". Its french, and if you translate it it would mean something like "our little spring roll", which unfortunately is not even half as cute as the french words!

Apol sent me this picture of her little girl wearing the dress! Don't you just wanna pinch those cheeks??

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Duracellmamman said...

Kikar förbi och önskar Dig & Din fina familj en riktigt God Jul!

Varma Kramar!