Sunday, 1 November 2009

Use what you've got - November Challange!

Well. The shelves are MORE than well stocked, and it is really time to use some of that fabric, so Bea's November challange "Use what you've got!" is really something I could use.

  1. We only use material we've got at home. You are allowed to buy thread.
  2. We try to craft and finish one piece every week during November.
  3. We choose ourselves if we can consider to post a giveaway on one or more items that you have made during the month.
  4. We are posting "Use what you've got"- logo on our blogg so other crafters can see that we are participating.
  5. We are contacting and let her know that we are participating. There will be links to all participates so that you can follow other crafters project. Tips, pep talk and lots of inspiration!
Most blogs will be in Swedish, but I think that you will be able to follow the pictures at least!!

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