Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sales fairy

To be a sewing blog there has been an awful lot of yarn in this lately. Well here is some more yarn. This time it is a sales fairy. We have been playing the "sales fairy game" in the EuropeanStreetTeam and the sales fairy has been flying around in Europe. I caught mine from Evihan this Sunday, and then it was my turn to make something on the same theme.

The rules were simple. A sales fairy at an affordable price and reserved listing to the European Street Team. I did this on free hand. No pattern really. She got got a green dress, and little pink wings. Blue eyes and long blonde hair (of course she has to, she's from Sweden! Well, I got green eyes and brown hair, so not ALL Swedes looks like this... but anyway).
Perhaps she could have gotten a little less lipstick, but I had already spent 36 hours before I listed it, and the team was getting increasingly impatient... I smashed my hands between the car door and the garage this Monday morning, and I was convinced that I had broken every bone in my hand, since it looked very flat... and bruised. This was certainly not increasing the speed.

If you want to see where the sales fairy is right now, go to the EST Blog.

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Hello said...

Oj, kära nån! Väldigt bra virkat med handikappad hand! Och söt ängel.