Saturday, 14 November 2009

November Challenge: Penguins!

My daughter has had a thing for penguins since she saw Papa Penguin on Youtube. And when I found this fabric I had to buy it, of course!
So. I made three things. A dress, a top with penguins on the body and white sleeves, and a top with white body and penguin sleeves. And my daughter got to chooses first. She choose the dress. No big surprise actually since she insists on wearing tights and dress most of the time right now.

So. That leaves to penguin tops that will be listed in my shop shortly. Both are in sz 4-5 (104-110). It is a very soft light weight cotton fabric, just a little thicker than your average t-shirt.


Hello said...

De är så söta!

Kreativlink said...

Such lovely pieces!

Fia said...

Så gulliga!
Här skulle nog klänningen också ha valts...blir mest förvånad numera om det önskas byxor!

yngla said...

Gulligt! Klart att klänningen blev vald först, känner igen det precis här hemifrån!

Ha en skön helg!