Friday, 27 November 2009

November Challenge: Organic Cars and Black Friday Sale in my shop!

I loooove making things from organic fabric. If I could I would only make organic clothes, but sadly the fabrics are much more expensive than regular fabric and it is not easy to find the fabrics that I want. Especially if you want to have things with colors.

But this really cool fabric with cars on.... Well. It has everything I could possibly wish for. Supersoft, great luster and just a little thicker than your average t-shirt, which makes it warm and cozy for the winter.
I only had one meter of this fabric, and I have used almost every little scrap from it. Well I got a small piece left for making an appliqué. The first top is sz 4T (104cl) and the two smaller ones are actually identical in choice of fabric, but one is in sz 12mths(80cl) and one is in sz 2T (92cl). I very rarely do two items in the same choice of fabric, but this time I decided to make an exception for brother-brother matching.
And, since I was at the christmas fair last weekend at a castle with an organic profile and it IS Black Friday today I decide to have a sale on all my organic clothes this weekend. 25% off. The prices are already adjusted in my shop!! You will see all things on sale HERE!


Hello said...

Jag gillar verkligen tyget! Det är supercoolt!

Jes said...

Superfina tröjor!!!
Tyget är kanon coolt!

florin said...

Jätte snygga tröjor! Har samma tyg och jag har ganska nligen sytt en tröja till Anton av det. Det är sååååå mjukt och mysigt, önskar attd et fanns i fler färger!!!