Friday, 13 November 2009

November Challenge: Many more mittens made by me!

It started with that my daughter got one pair of mittens a week ago. Then we realized that perhaps she should have an extra pair. And since she loves the striped ones, why not make something that looks like a Polkagris, the Swedish version of the candycane?? Well. Polkagris it is!

I made two rows of white and then one row of red. With a ruffled red edge and red thumbs! Yummy!
Then I realized that white mittens and autumn/winter in the southern parts of Sweden usually means 40F/5C, rain and a lot of mud... Then white is pretty, but not practical. So I needed to make a pair that was more dirt resistant. Hence these grey mittens. These are made of a 75%wool25%nylon, which makes them REALLY durable.
And my daughter wearing them. Looks as she need a haircut! They are pretty snug fitting, so there are no loose ends, which makes them really comfy.

Then my son asked me. When will I get my mittens?? Of course dear, your sister gets three pairs and you don't get any at all... So I decided to go hunting for that glow-in-the-dark yarn that I bought a year ago. And then I uses some of the yarn that he had painted the other day, and used some of the yarns that I painted (for the thumbs and the trim, there really wasn't enough yarn of the bright green one.

Yesterday I "charged" the white yarn under a light bulb for a few seconds and then he got to try the mittens on, and went into his bedroom, which was very dark at the time. And you know what, they really glowed in the dark! So cool! Now he is asking for a pair of orange mittens, so I better try to find an orange yarn, not the easiest task!


Hello said...

Och utöver detta fixar du grejer till marknaden och jobbar som en tok!? Hur hinner du?

Häftigt med självlysande garn!

Johanna said...

Hej, tack för tipsen! Jag kan ju tyvärr inte rita figurer som redan finns. Men ska kolla in dem och kanske hittar stilen. Och kan göra helt andra med samma känsla. Ha en superhelg! Måste lägga till din blogg... tror jag missat den.