Sunday, 15 November 2009

November Challenge: Horses!

I found this awesome medium weight coton fabric a while ago. My daughter has been talking about horses this entire autumn. She has been asking when we can go and buy her a horse... It is supposed to live in the garage and she will take care of it. As you might have figured out by now mum and dad aren't convinced about the splendidness of her ideas. So, instead we have brought her horse back riding. And she looooooves it! She's like a little princess (with winter overalls, helmet and safety west) sitting on that big horse and looking all proud. And now Saturdays are not all that about candy any longer, but rather the time when she gets to go riding...
I made three things. Two tops with horse appliqués (copied from the fabric) and a dress. And my daughter choose ..... the dress. As I told you the other day it is dresses and tights in her wardrobe right now. So that leaves two wonderful tops for the shop. They are about sz 4-5 yrs (104-110 cl) and made of medium weight cotton knit fabric.

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HanneLT said...

Så fin! Heldige jenta som får velge stoff selv ;)