Thursday, 1 October 2009

Polka dot skirt with vintage hearts ruffle edge 4T-5T (104/110cl)

My daughter loves skirts and dresses. But I really think she likes skirts better. If they got elastics in the waist it is so easy for her to get dressed herself, and that is really important when you are 3 1/2 and very headstong. And since I realized that I don't have that many skirts in my shop I have decided to set up a few.

This is a skirt from my favourite pattern which is slightly rounded in the waist and around the hem, which really doesn't give the skirt that boxy look that they sometimes have. It is my daughters favourite model of skirts too. She calls them her dance skirts, because they have a great swing in them!

For this skirt I have used a red polkadot fabric, that is cotton and probably a little lycra since it has a slight stretch to it. I was almost finished with it and wanted to go with the easy solution and adding a seam binding, when I came across this ruffle with blue gingham and hearts on it. I saved this from a hideous transparent polyester curtain from the 70's, and this ruffle was the ONLY thing that ever was pretty on that curtain. I really like the contrast of the modern polkadot fabric and the vintage ruffle.
I got more of the ruffle, so please send me an email if you would like something like this in another size or colour. I don't have more of that red fabric, but I got polkadot fabric in other colours, and red polkadots without any stretch.


Swiedebie said...

This skirty is sooooo cute! *squeezes hands next to face and squeals with delight*.
Kaja, I love polka dots, and you made this design so pretty!

Kuutydruk said...

Agree with Swee. This is so cute and like i said in some previous comm, you make me wish to have a girls in future :)

Krimskrams said...

Så härliga färger! Visst är det denna fina kjol som pryder din nya header, som för övrigt ser väldigt snygg och proffsig ut :-)

ikketikketheo said...

jättefin kombination!! sa fina tygerna är ihopa.

Hello said...

Åh, så söt!

Måste dock få säga emot lite mot ditt påstående om moderna polka dot och vintage-volang - min systerdotter skruttar för det mesta omkring i en kjol i precis den här färgen och modellen, men där även volangen är av det prickiga röda tyget. Och den kjolen har hon ärvt från sin mamma, dvs min syster. Sydd av vår mamma ca 1975 och inte alls "fel" i modet då heller. :)