Saturday, 10 October 2009

More happy news - Etsy Frontpage

I was moaning the other day that it had been SO long since I was on the Etsy FrontPage, and that I thought it was my turn now. You can't buy yourself a post at the FrontPage, either Admin chooses you, or they choose a Treasury to get featured. You get one hour of fame, and it is completely free. And VERY hard to get...

Luckily I got lots of friends on the EuropeanStreetTeam that loves making Treasuries. This one is from Emily from Norway who is making beautiful Matryoshka dolls and more in her Etsy Shop Ravenhill, make sure that you don't miss out on her beautiful blog as well here:

And since things seems to be going my way now (I think of it as an apology from "the big guy upstairs" for exposing me to those gall problems) I hit the Etsy FrontPage between 8-9 on Friday morning. That is my Apple dress sz 2T in the top corner. It has been very popular and I have made custom orders for it as well. It has a younger sibling in size newborn. Both are still listed in my shop! Perfect for autumn!

I was of course in good company. Lots of other Euros on the same FrontPage. If you'd like to find your own favourites from Europe, simply use this link to Etsy.

Oh! Btw. For all you numerologics out there... This post is published at the 10.10.09 at 10:10. How about that??

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Aleisa said...

Din äpple klänning är jag helt tokförälskat i, kul med din 5 min av fame! rampljuset skadar inte nån som är så duktig som du. hur mår i hälsan? kram!