Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday Moodboard - Turquoise!

Today. I feel Turquoise. It is getting colder outside and the air has been crisp and clear this weekend.

And from the featured colleagues of the EuropeanStreetTeam of today is Swiedebie who is making the cutest little sockmonsters. This one is called Bettie Biker and you can find her here:

On the smaller pictures top row:
Kokeshi Blue ring by Yasminbochi
Royal cuff by Staroftheeast:

Cold water by Vadjutka
Koh Tao headband by Vaisto

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Krimskrams said...

Haha, ja det var min signatur på tradera! Ska bli roligt att se vad du syr av tyget :-) Nu fick jag lite pengar över till jofotex nya nattågstyger istället för John Blundtyg på tradera. Man kan ju inte köpa allt tyvärr :-D

vadjutka said...

great collection - thanks so much dear!

Swiedebie said...

Very lovable and beautiful collection. Thank you for including me, Kaja! :)

Star of the East said...

Gorgeous mosaic, thanks so much!!

Emily said...

very sweet and putting me in a fabulous mood!

Kuutydruk said...

Love the colors you've picked. Beautiful!

Meltem said...

Wonderful ! I love turquoise!

Metamorphosis said...

I love the Idea of moodboards, and the colour is just so pretty!