Friday, 30 October 2009

Christmas Fair 21-22 November

Well, you haven't really heard a lot of me lately, but that is because I am in a very productive mode right now. I counted 19 half finished knit dresses and knit tops in my sewing room yesterday. I want to bring as much to my first Christmas fair!!

I am really thrilled about it. It will be at Gunnebo slott. that is known for its garden and ecological profile. The castle itself is from the 1700:s and it has really amazing buildings and surroundings! Last year it was appointed to be the best Christmas market in the Gothenburg area, and we really do have quite a few Christmas fairs around here, being the second largest city in Sweden and all.

I will be in "Slottsvalvet" on the 21-22 November 11-17, so please come and visit me (and perhaps buy something. There is no admission fee, so you can just have a quick visit, you know!

And for all of you that can't come I will bring back a lot of pictures!


Swiedebie said...

sounds great about the fair! wish you all the best with lots of sales!

Spacejams Vintage said...

wish you all the best!!

Helena said...

Vad kul! Lycka till! Håller med om att det är väldigt dåligt med julmarknader i Göteborgstrakten!

viltk said...

Isn't that the place where Tage Andersonn of Stockholm has his summerexhibition everyyear??? He is a famous floral designer. I wanted to visit it but it was just a bit to far away, hihihi.