Friday, 9 October 2009

Christmas comes early this year

I think it is pretty safe to say that I have had a lousy ending of the summer and a even worse beginning of the autumn. 11 days in a hospital (I've never slept in a hospital before, except when my kids were born) and 5 weeks of sick leave from work (I don't think I had 5 weeks of total sick leave since I started working before). So I think I really deserved some nice thing to happen to me.

Well. It did!

Irene on Bloesem Kids posted a blog giveaway together with Volksfaden a while ago. Bloesem Kids is one of my favourite blogs about interior design, fashion and things. All for kids. And Volksfaden has like ALL of my favourite fabric designers in their shop. AND a really good organic section!

There were 351 comments on that giveaway and after reading them all they agreed that mine was the best. So I was appointed as winner. YAY! I can honestly say that when I entered the contest I didn't really read very carefully on what you could win. Fabric....bla bla.... something. Well "bla bla" was actually 5 meters of fabric, 5 meters of trim and 3 patterns. GASP!

Looking around in Volksfadens shop (Yes, I could pick whatever I wanted...) I of course headed to the organic section and really rocked away. 1,6 meter of the Retro Posy, which is a supersoft knit fabric. And one meter each of the two apple fabrics and 0,7 meters of the white and pink flowery satin fabric. The brown with birds is a very soft baby cord, and that is the only non-organic fabric.

Then the patterns. Well. They did have a lot of Amy Butler patterns and WHOOOOOA they also had the Anna Tunic. I don't know how many times I have had that in my shopping basket in an online shop, and then bailed out at the last moment. The Emmeline apron and the messenger bag was also on my wishlist.

And 5 meter of ribbons, that I have been using for my mix-tops. Mmmm. Now I got all those that I didn't buy the last time.

Someone obviously wanted me to have some nice things to happen to me this autumn too! So, thank you Irene from Bloesem Kids and Linda from Volksfaden. You really made my day!!


Vivi said...

Aw, YAY!!! You certainly do deserve something good!! What a perfect gift. :)

Emily said...

I have turned positively green with envy! THis is an amazing give away!!! LUCKY YOU! Enjoy! I adore their trim!!!
~Emily xxx

Kuutydruk said...

Wow, these are absolutely amazing fabrics! Congrats on winning! :)

metamorphosis said...

Stort grattis till dig!
Vilken härlig överaskning det måste vara att få hem ett sånt paket - och de där banden är ju bara så fina!

Hello said...

Jag fick gåshud över hela kroppen bara av att läsa om din stora tur! Grattis!!!! Helt fantastiskt! Så skönt att få nåt att bara må bra av efter den resan du har haft! Grattis igen!

Carina i Tyskland said...

Grattis!! Det var du verkligen värd!!