Friday, 11 September 2009

More features!

There is a heated, but silent, discussions going on on the internet right now. One side is claiming that there are crafters that are destroying old fabrics/sheets/curtains and turns them into clothes and this side is demanding that things should be left in their original state to be saved for the next generation. And, the other side claims that instead of things getting stashed in drawers or adding to the garbage problems, creative crafters are actually saving these lovely old fabrics.

Well. As you might have guessed by now I am in that second catergory. This for instance. A lovely table cloth, that someone had burnt a small hole in the middle of, hence making it ready for the landfill. Instead I saved it, turned it into a dress and actually two matching hats (one of them is already sold).

Today Pendant Patch has featured me, and this dress on her blog: in her series of "Fabolous Friday Recycled finds". Do visit her, and while your at it, pop by her Etsy Shop and look at her fabolous pendants. I am trying to restrain myself from buying the entire shop!!


Chichiboulie said...

I think I'm in between the both. Some things should be saved and passed down, other things are best recycled into something new. Lovely dress you've made.

anna said...

Underbart söt!

Hello said...

Det är en debatt jag helt har missat, men jag är helt på din sida!