Thursday, 3 September 2009

Custom order for the autumn

Well. I finally dusted off my sewing machines to make this custom order for an apple dress. I still have the one in sz 2T (92cl)in the shop, but this one is sz 4T (104cl). At the same time I am adding a new country to my list of where you can see Kaja & lilla krax clothes. New Zealand this time!
I just love this apple print. It is so much autumn in it!

I used brown lining and brown seam binding for hem. I think it really brings out the colours in the dress.

I found these vintage buttons in a second hand shop a while ago and I have been saving them for a special occasion. Well now is a good time for them!


LumLum said...

Dina klännignar är verkligen i klass för sig själva! Den är underbar!

Aleisa said...

så finfin klänning, älskar det, är det en tyg? eller du tryckte äpple på, gud va jag är kär i det!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful dress! The fun thing is: it is spring coming in NZ! :D

Aleisa said...

jag vill till NZ, here is just autum komming, i dont like it!, but with this dress it does a matter!