Thursday, 20 August 2009

Some swedish friends...

Yes. I am back from my vacation, but I still don't have the urge for sewing anything. Yesterday I bought some yarn for a nice shawl though. So, perhaps I will dust off my sewing machines in a little while. The daughter has already expressed a wish for a dress and leggings with cats on them, so I think that might be my first project.

Meanwhile. I will take the opportunity to show you some of my very talented friends from the EuropeanStreetTeam. And the theme for this time is SWEDEN! There are of course a lot more shops from Sweden on Etsy, but not all of them are on the EuropeanStreetTeam, and todays friends are those who are most active on the EST today.
From the upper left corner:
KristinasForest who is making hand embroidered sheets and bed acessoires for babies. She's from Småland.
Roroism from Stockholm is making jewellery in mixed techniques.
Birribe from Stockholm is a very talented textile artist and her handprinted shawls are absolutely gorgeous.
JealousyDesign is making beautiful jewellry in silver. I have ordered my own necklace from her and I am so excited about it!!
Exotic flavour has beautiful jewellery made of cords. And she also has a second shop which is AmandaYuDesign where she sells her silver and gold jewellery, some of it has these lovely chocolate pieces in them. Yummy!
And for all of you who is wondering. Yes. My Etsy Shop is open, and in less than 24 hours after I opened it I got an order from Nashville, USA. I wonder if she knows my last customer from before the vacations, who also was from Nashville?? I am always adding a couple of business cards in every shipment for the customer to hand out to their friends, so you never know...


ira said...

I love to see my talented Swedish Artist EST friends here. Their works are incredible and very good choices Kaja:)

ingermaaike said...

Indeed a supertalented group!

ArtMind said...

Sweden has talent for sure! Welcome back - hope you had a good vacation! :)

karuski said...

That's a nice selection of Swedish Etsians! Welcome back, wishing a creative autumn to you Kaja!