Sunday, 14 June 2009

On the Etsy FrontPage!!

Yay! This is what every seller on Etsy dreams of. And, I was able to catch it live too!! It was featured Sunday 14:th June between 09:00 and 10:00 CET.

Featured on the Etsy front page is not only an honour, it is also a great way of getting new customers to see you. I can honestly say that most of my first photos were not suitable for the front page. Not very stylish and actually pretty boring. And to much going on in a picture. I've gotten a lot of tips and tricks from the European StreetTeam of how to take good pictures. And I have studied the differnent Treasuries that has been made and seen how their pictures were made. And tried to copy it. Also, I bought a new camera, a Canon G10 (not only for taking Etsy-pictures, I was getting really fed up with my old Ixus being so slow, making it impossible to take good pics of the kids). And inflatable mannequins. So. I have taken new pictures of almost all items in my shop. And, it payed back! A

Thank you ever so much Kerrin from Sigmosaics. I've always admired you for your perfect sence of style for making Treasuries, and I was delighted when I found my self on your Treasury first, this was my receipt on that what I was doing was on the right track. Obviously the admins of Etsy also find your Treasuries as wonderful as I do, otherwise they would never have featured you!! And for those of you who haven't seen Kerrins work, please do! They are absolutely stunning! Here is a link to her Etsy shop!


Sigmosaics said...

this is a really lovely post .. thank you and a BIG congratulations to you dear! I agree, the EST team is the BEST, such a beautiful supportive team.

Photograhpy does indeed appear to be an essential .. your creations are gorgeous and i'm loving your new style of photography. I'm searching for a new 'special' camera myself. Any tips will be much welcomed!

Happy sunday to you and your family, hugs, kerrin xxx

ingermaaike said...

It will remain a thrill for ever, such a wonderful feeling to have been chosen for a treasury and then to land on the FP as well. It is that which keeps you going through lean times :-D

anna said...

Stort grattis!!

mustafa said...


metamorphosis said...

Härligt - grattis!

HanneLT said...

Så kult! Gratulerer :)