Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Living my dream

I work as a IT-consultant and almost every lunch or coffee break we discuss what we would do if we won 50 000 SEK a month (approx $7 600) for 25 years, which one of the swedish lotteries prize. One is always talking about sailing around the world, one is talking about taking up pottery and one is interested in cars, and so on. I always dreamt of having my own “creative studio”, preferably with large windows on one side of the room that lets in a lot of light and has a view overlooking the ocean. In that room I will do creative things. Writing a book. Sewing clothes for my family and friends. Scrapping beautiful cards for Christmas. Well, you know. Only being creative for its own fun!

I just realized the other day that I am truly living my dream, even if it not exactly as I pictured it. I have a beautiful home, lovely husband, two sweet children (4 and 2 years old), and a work I love. And, on top of that I DO have a creative room. Yes, it is a bit too small. No, it doesn’t have large windows. And no, I don’t see the ocean, although I can see elks, deers, owls, falcons, hedgehogs and some other animals on a regular basis. When the children are old enough for their own bedroom, my creative room will probably disappear, or at least be located in the basement (=no view at all…). But for now, I am living my dream.

If I was a reporter I would ask my self
“How does it feel?”
“Well, come to think of it; I am happy, but a bit tired”.

The only way to be able to do all the things I want to do seems to be to use some hours of the night, which I really should be using to get some sleep instead. Luckily I seem to be MORE creative when I am tired. I often get my best ideas past midnight. And, since I must have at least a couple of hours sleep I often have to stop working before I do all those stupid mistakes one do in the middle of the night...

Talking of dreams. Here is a dream of christmas past. I made these a couple of years ago, but every year I put them up in my kitchen windows i start smiling.

It's really only white cotton fabric and edged with red cotton. On the bottom I made pattern from gingerbread shapes and embroidered with red DMC Mouline yarn. I don't know the english word for the embroidery stitches, but in swedish it would be something like "chain stitches"

I made 4 curtains (for 2 windows) and it took less time than expected, but I still put in a LOT of work. I think there are 10 little shapes in the bottom of each curtain, so, you can figure the time out...

But, everytime I look at them I start smiling, and then all the effort was worth while. I do love these curtains!
Mina julgardiner som jag sydde för ett par år sedan. Mamma hade en bakduk där det var broderat med kedjestygn efter pepparkaksmåtten i varje hörn. Kedjesöm är snabbt att sy och fyller bättre än till exempel stjälkstygn. Själva gardinen är inte särskilt komplicerad. Vitt bomullstyg och kantat med rött bomullstyg. Jag tog inspiration av mammas bakdukar och gjorde en hel rad med pepparkaksmått i nederkanten. Jag tror att det är kanske 10 stycken pepparkaksfigurer på varje gardinlängd och det krävdes fyra stycken för att täcka mina köksfönster. Så, det blev en hel del jobb, trots allt. Men, varje gång jag sätter upp dem så ler jag. Jag älskar verkligen dessa gardiner!

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